My Fellow Citizens…

MY FELLOW CITIZENS… celebrates the enormous gathering of people who peacefully witnessed the swearing in ceremony of Barack Obama before the Capitol in Washington, D.C. on a frigid winter day, January 20, 2009.I was lucky enough to be among the throng and shared in what one NPR correspondent called the “deep joy” of the occasion. I assembled this group portrait from numerous photographs I took that day. For me, it represents a blend that speaks of hope for our future as well as gratitude for the success of the great American experiment so far. President Obama began his inaugural address with the words I’ve chosen for the title.I cut 5 blocks 25″ x 45″ and made 5 proofs on paper 30″ x 51″ by hand burnishing as the size exceeds my press bed. I wanted to experience that crowd again, silent with expectation, almost life size. Smaller Archival Pigment Prints from Northlight Editions are also available and I am very pleased with the way the image has reduced without losing any of its impact.

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