Eden 2.0

This suite of nine was conceived by woodblock printmaker, Sabra Field, after the presidential election of 2016 with input from Christopher Elliott, M.D. who supplied the title.

At each corner of the square arrangement of the images, we see as yet untouched American landscapes: Rocky Mountains, The Rio Grande, Islands off coastal Maine, and the Napali Coast of Kauai.

In the middle is a cruciform arrangement of “man scapes”: developed agricultural land, power sources, a depression era iron bridge, and our most sprawling city.

Eden 2.0 is a play on modern humanity’s constant need to “upgrade” our operating systems. Nothing is ever good enough for us. Eden is God or Nature’s original operating system. We’ve lost our innocence but now we can fly 30,000’ over Elko, Nevada, boost our bounty with center-pivot irrigation systems, and try to save what’s left of our innocent nature with solar farms.

Technology is both the threat and the hope of salvation to nature’s original operating system.

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