Blossom Light

Blossom Light completes the “Light Suite.” This commemorates that time in May when apple trees are in bridal bloom, dandelions punctuate the neon green fields, and late maple buds are still pink on the hilltops awaiting their turn to leaf out. On a couple of late afternoons, I drove over to North Pomfret to admire and draw the Hewittville neighborhood looking north and this is the result. As with its companion prints “Snow Light,” “Leaf Light,” and “Cloud Light,” I cut the woodblocks and proofed them here at the studio in East Barnard. The Archival Pigment Prints are made at Northlight Editions in White River Junction. The “Light Suite” is also available for purchase as a set.

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Framed 22" x 17", Unframed 15" x 10"